Our home is Tyrol in Austria. In 1910 the family Maurer found, here on the wonderful Achensee, a steam sawmill to process the wood from the surrounding forests. The wood industry Achental is born.


In 1936 they expand the factory by adding an upholstery department and the name haapo (H = wood industry, A = Achental, A = department, P = upholstery) was chosen. After the 2nd World War and up to this day haapo is concentrating its production exclusively on the manufacture of upholstery furniture, from A to Z in one factory.


A fire destroyes the factory building. The production hall is rebuilt.


Acquisition of the 1st CNC woodworking machine, in 1996 acquisition of an automated CNC fabric cutting table. In 2003, the production building is extended by a hall for the processing and storage of foam.


In autumn, the South Tyrolean businessman Klaus Pomella takes over haapo. Klaus Pomella is owner of the company rossin – a design brand.


Haapo embarks on a new path and starts developing a new and innovative collection of upholstered furniture. The commitment to high-quality products as well as honest, in simple and functional design remains the company approach. The flexibility of allowing customers to customise their furniture is also continued. Sustainability is not just a phrase, but it i spart of everyday life in the company, long before this term gained the popularity it has today. Both the employees and the raw materials to be processed have short distances to haapo.



The wood (spruce-beech-oak) comes from the nearby tyrollean sawmills or from close-by Bavaria. The upholstery materials such as wool, foam, etc. come exclusively from manufactures in the Alpine region. Thanks to the longevity of our products we also offer upholstery replacements which adds to our sustainability. At the end of their life cycle, our products can be broken down into their raw materials for recycling. At haapo we treat wooden surfaces with natural oils or waxes.


As a contribution to a environmentally friendly manufacturing a new pellets heating system with 330 KW is commissioned in autumn 2021 and the old heating building is removed. Around 60,000 litres of heating oil per year can be saved in this ecological way!