Our home is Tyrol in Austria. In 1910 the family Maurer founded, here on the wonderful Achensee, a steam sawmill to process the wood from the surrounding forests. The wood industry Achental was born. In 1936 they expanded the factory by adding an upholstery department and the the name Haapo (H = wood industry, A = Achental, A = department, P = upholstery) was chosen. Since after the 2nd World War and up to this day Haapo has been concentrating its production exclusively on the  manufacture of upholstery furniture, from A to Z in one factory, from the log to the finished high-quality upholstery product,  100% «Made in Austria».

Until recently Haapo produced mainly traditional, rustic pieces, but in the last few years they have added modern and design sets to their offering.

What has not changed in all these years is our attitude and consistent commitment to high-quality products as well as honest, simple and functional design. We have also maintained our flexibility which allows us to customise furniture for our customers. We are proud of the fact that every day many unique pieces leave our factory. Sustainability is not just a rhetoric for us, but it is part of our everyday life in the company and has been even long before the term gained the popularity it has today. It’s not just our staff that comes from Haapo’s surrounding area but also the raw materials we process. The wood (spruce-beech-oak) comes from the nearby tyrollean sawmills or from close-by Bavaria. The upholstery materials such as wool, foam, etc. come exclusively from manufactures in the Alpine region. Thanks to the longevity  of our products we also offer upholstery replacements which adds to our sustainability. At the end of their life cycle, our products can be broken down into their raw materials for recycling. At Haapo we treat wooden surfaces with natural oils or waxes .